Friday, December 4, 2009


My fellow Americans,
     I am a Vietnam-era Veteran, and I want to begin by saying that I hold ALL veterans and currently-serving soldiers and sailors in the utmost esteem, and thank them for their service to this great country.  It is in honor of their's and my service that I have started, and will maintain this blog.  I promise to only use verifiable facts, or in the absense of such, I will indicate where I have used either common sense, or personal opinion, to extrapolate where necessary. 
     I first would like to address the responsibility issue.  We, the PEOPLE, the voting public, have to bear much of the blame for the mess we now find ourselves in.  Too many of "U.S." lapsed into political "coma"s for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a total absorbtion into day to day life.  We get up, go to work, work hard, come home, tend to our children and home, and, after that, one is so exhausted, all one wants to do is to try to relax and be entertained for a few minutes, before going to bed and sleep, only to do it all over and over again.  Additionally, politics and politicians have gotten progressively immoral and dishonest, tolerated with ever increasing contempt, because we AMERICANS don't have the time or interest to follow the details of every state and federal politicians activities and votes.  Politicians have taken advantage of, and even exploited, this condition.  They "craft" legislation using "lawyer-speak" (legalize) terminology and, because the bill wouldn't, or couldn't, pass on it's own merits (or lack thereof), they start attaching all these other "amendments" (read:  earmark spending on lunatic fringe stupidity) designed to "buy" the votes of representatives who would NOT vote for the original legislation.  We, the PEOPLE, have no chance to "decode" these bills, and, I would bet, most of the congressmen who vote on these "War and Peace"-sized bills don't either.
     So, here we find ourselves, conned by a slick-talking, charismatic, flim-flam man into electing him to the Presidency of the United States.  We also voted for those he recommended, or ran with, without digging into the details of the "change" they were promising.  I believe we are on the cusp of THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Are we going to seize control of this situation, insuring that we remain a freedom-loving, free-market, capitalist, representative republic, or sit back and allow these communists to degrade our country into a socialist, marxist state, ruled by "King Barack Hussein" and "Queen Hillary", abdicating our rights and allowing them to run every aspect of our lives, and the lives of those who come after us.  The following truthful information may help you decide correctly (if you haven't already figured this out yet, that is!)
     Everything following is verifiable public record.  The GREAT ECONOMIC MELTDOWN's root cause can be traced directly back to 1977, when a liberal, democrat-controlled Congress and a liberal, democrat president, Jimmy Carter, introduced, passed, and signed the Community Reinvestment Act (hereafter, CRA).  The INTENT of the legislation was the noble effort to help LOWER income Americans realize the "American Dream" of owning their own home, even though they may be earning some degree less than would normally be required to do so.  At this point, it worked.  The government subsidized entity (GSE) known as Fannie Mae would underwrite the lowered mortgage payment required by the program.  This amount was manageable, and economically absorbable.  The problems begin in the 1990's, under another liberal, democrat president, Bill Clinton (and socialist "Queen Hillary"), and an organization we have all come to know here recently:ACORN.  I believe it was in 1993 (not sure of exact year), the liberal democrats slid a modifying amendment to the CRA into another bill unnoticed.  It basically lowered the requirements for qualifying for these mortgages to the point that you didn't even have to have a job, or anything but your signature.  ACORN radicals and militants began blackmailing the financial institutions that DID NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE LOANS OR TRANSACTIONS!!  They would protest and picket outside the institutions, generating bad public relations with lies and innuendo.  These financial institutions were trying to be minimally, financially responsible while adhering to the new law.  ACORN's blackmailing, strong-arm tactics finally broke the will (and common sense) of these institutions, and people who had "No Income, No Job or Assets" (called NINJA loans) were given home mortgages.  This was the starting "stock" of the "witch's brew" of financial disaster.  Add to this "brew", the fact that these loans and others went into default (go figure??) in ever increasing numbers, the advent of the "mark-to-market" rule by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (which lowered EVERYONE's home values, leading to the decline of the housing markets), the invention of mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps to hide and obfuscate these failures, the elimination of the "uptick" rule (by the SEC), and the collusion of the liberal democrats in control (see video of Barney Frank-Head of the Senate Finance Committee) of the very congressional committees who were SUPPOSED to be monitoring and regulating these programs (and the GSE's administrating them) that they wrote and enacted in Congress, it was inevitable that the "BREW" exploded in everyone's faces, resulting in the mess we found ourselves in. 
     The liberal democrats, knowing how dirty their hands were in this, began disseminating lies, half-truths, and propaganda putting the blame on President Bush and the Republican administration and congressmen, who had removed wasteful, unnecessary regulations and red tape in previous years (before democrats took control in 2006).  Close examination reveals that none of the regulations repealed by the Republican- controlled  Congress had anything to do with these home mortgage issues.  Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the other liberal democrats in Congress consistently blocked President Bush and Senator McCain's efforts and many attempts to investigate and regulate the GSE's (Fannie and Freddie) which might have caught and exposed this fantasy financial wizardry the democrats in control of both were perpetrating.  These same liberals were enjoying large financial subsidies coming from both GSE's to their campaign funds. (Surprised?)  All of this is in the Congressional Record, and campaign finance reports filed by these congressmen. 
     Now, let's look at economic FACTS.  The first president (that I know of) to propose "tax cuts to stimulate the economy" was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was a Democrat with a moderate/conservative fiscal policy outlook (see article in Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 23, 1963; front page, left sidebar).  Ronald Reagan and I were both Democrats at that time.  But, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy (probably because of this idea!! ;-D), the liberals in the party seized control, led by LBJ, and began the misguided social engineering programs known as the "war on poverty".  They instituted massive tax increases on corporations and the supposed rich in order to redistribute their wealth to the poor through a flurry of new government programs, including welfare, where people were just GIVEN money monthly to spend in any way they saw fit (including payments on new Cadillac's).  This resulted in small businesses, corporations, and the successful "rich" shrinking their business and financial plans, resulting in massive job losses, business failures, and bankruptcies.  This, in turn, resulted in a greatly reduced tax inflow into the national treasury, which left LBJ's social engineering projects woefully underfunded (the same thing happened during Jimmy Carter's attempt at this also).  They, and the liberal democrat Congress, raided the Social Security fund to make up the difference.  This is exactly why we "Baby Boomers" will NOT see any of our contributions be returned as benefits promised.  There simply will not be any money left, and much less coming into the treasury under the current economic policies of the liberal marxists. In fact, I predict that businesses, and the successful will flee the country in droves, taking their money with them.  The treasury shortfall will be enormous, inflating the deficit and debt to many TENS OF TRILLIONS!!!!!  :-(  (NOT COUNTING THE NEW HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS)
     After 17 years of the liberal democrat "income redistribution" programs of the LBJ-Carter administrations, we arrived at the 1980 election with 21.5% interest rates, inflation raging in the double digits, gas shortages, welfare costs skyrocketing, unemployment at double digits and rising as businesses closed and shut down production, and the apparent DEATH of the REAL "American Dream".  This dream has nothing to do with owning a home.  THE DREAM is that ANY American, or legal immigrant, can come up with an idea, invention, improvement, or any other reason to start one's own business, work hard and long hours building up the business (blood, sweat, and tears), become successful, and in so doing, become rich without the government coming and taking most of it to pay for their high-class, elite life styles.  This is one thing that the common person doesn't see;  the politicians, elected and unelected officials, and bureaucrats are hoarding most of the tax money for themselves.  These programs they are supposedly enacting to "help" the working folk are receiving less than 25% of the money charged to the program.  The rest goes to pay the salaries and benefits of the people (friends of elected officials) who administer the programs.  In other words, we would be much better off keeping our own money and solving our own social problems!!  Eliminate the "middlemen"!!!
      I am now going to reveal the TRUE agenda of this bunch of liberal, communist, socialist, marxists.  Part of the program has already been accomplished.  Put simply, the socialist agenda is to own, and or control, every important institution, such that they can dictate every aspect of everybody's lives, from birth to death and burial.  As I have shown, they caused the financial meltdown, and have used the effects to buy all the strongest banks and financial institutions, and enacted new regulations to control the others.  They also own and control the largest insurance company in the world.  So, basically, they already control who can and can't do business, dictating the terms (see new health care regs) by which the businesses will be FORCED to conduct it (number of man??).  The next stage will be the assault on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, the right to bear arms.  If they can't (and I don't think they could openly pull it off) get the Amendment recinded, they will enact legislation that will make it very problematic and cumbersome to legally own a weapon of any kind.  This will probably take the form of requiring so much paperwork, and bureaucratic gobbly-goop and red tape, that most law-abiding regular citizens won't bother.  That means that those that possess them anyway will be considered terrorists and enemies of the "state".  Sound familiar???  Once they have accomplished this, IF WE LET THEM DO THIS, there will not be any way to stop them from seizing total control of the country, killing or imprisoning any who dissent.  Elections, if held at all, will be nothing more than shams, just like we see in other countries now.  The communist/fascist left will have completed the occupation.  Democracy will die, and the people of the LATE, GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will have been conquered from within, just as prophesied.  All who wish to survive will be required to take "the number of man", probably a "chip" implant, in order to conduct any business.  All will turn against ISRAEL (this has already began).
      I was always taught to do the right thing, to be honest, work hard, and enjoy life.  I do not like having to write this, and I almost wish I didn't see this so clearly.  I have grandchildren who are never going to know the freedom I have known in past years.  This haunts my dreams and aspirations.  I only hope that by revealing the truth, we can ban together and resist this insidious insurgency.  I keep in mind a line from the movie National Treasure;  Benjamin Gates' favorite line from the Declaration of Indepedence:  "But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their Security."
     May God bless our country, our service people all over the world, our efforts at disseminating the truth, and the minds of those who read this, that it's contents be completely understood. Amen.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Patriotic expressions

American Patriot Hall of Fame

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska- She withstood the most vicious, malicious, slanderous, libeling, misrepresentative, fallacious, unfounded, fraudulent, bogus, counterfactual, concocted, dishonest, misleading, mean, nasty, unamerican, cooked-up, made-up, scheming, satanically-inspired, gutter-rat, asinine, and deceitful personal attacks ever recorded or perpetrated on another human being in the history of this country. She did this with a level of grace, bravery, honesty, benevolence, compassion, and beauty that exceeds that of every other candidate, and "serving" congressperson, combined. I see her as only person that I could, or would, vote for to occupy the Oval Office and serve as Commander-in-Chief. She represents all the best of the female gender.

Letter to Con-man Obama

Well, you actually pulled it off!! You played your con on the very people who had no prior knowledge of the type and style of horsecrap you were shoveling, the 18 to 25 year old idealistic youth. I used to be one of those in my younger days, the 60's. We railed against Vietnam, for civil rights for all, against senseless violence perpetrated against the American citizenry, and any other issue someone could adequately espouse. Age and knowledge have born the fruit of wisdom. I would bet that you have never read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America, and this from a Harvard graduated lawyer. From the information I have been able to gleen, Harvard is nothing more than a liberal, socialist, communist brainwashing factory, spitting out you idiots without a proper education.
During the last election cycle, I did everything I could to engage, inform, and educate as many people as I could. What I discovered shook me to my core: Your personal charisma permeated people so much that they stopped thinking about anything except the propaganda, misinformation, and generalities you hypnotized them with. Just look at the perfect example: the womem of "The View". I seriously thought Whoopi, Joy, and Barbara were going to rip their clothes off and rape you right on stage. Almost reminded me of the girls who adored The Beatles. It sickened me!
You do not even deserve to be addressed as "sir" or "Mr.". You will never be my president. You are nothing more than a second-rate, scamming, flim-flam con man. You are not even in the same league as Madoff, and you are not worthy of kneeling and bowing before Mrs. Sarah Palin, begging to lick the toe jam from between her toes. That socialist/communist bitch Pelosi, with the likewise bastard Reid, the faggot Frank, tax cheating liar Rangel, and the-scummiest-of-you-all Dodd are manipulating you like a 3rd rate puppeteer. You are nothing more than a slick-talking, charismatic front man, trying to "sell" the American people an old, broken-down car as if it was a "NEW" model, trying to run interference, distracting, misdirecting attention, obfuscating the truth about the "REAL" agenda that is currently being executed by the far-left, socialist, communist democrat Congress. They are all trying to SEIZE control of this country. After they CAUSED the financial meltdown, they are now in the process of seizing control of the CORE of the economic enging: BANK AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS!!!!
No one will be able to conduct any business without the "Ruling" democrat communists dictating the terms by which the business will be FORCED to conduct it, and with WHOM it conducts it. At the same time, they will attempt to recind to SECOND AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION, or make it next to impossible for any citizen to "legally" own or possess any gun or weapon. Once you and they accomplish this, IF you are ALLOWED to do this, there will not be any way to stop you from seizing total control of every facet of control of this country, killing or imprisonning anyone who dissents. Elections, if held at all, will be nothing more than a sham, fixed to ensure the "Ruling" communists win every election. The communist/fascist left will have completed occupation, without a battle or whimper from those whose liberty was lost forever. Democracy will die and the people of the LATE, GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will have been conquered from within, just as was prophesied. All will be required to take "the Number of Man" (your government-issued business- conducting/authorizing number), all countries will turn against the State of Israel, and the end of this existance will be upon us all. May God help and be with us all.