Saturday, March 21, 2009

Traitors or Patriots?????

under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Patriotic expressions

American Patriot Hall of Fame

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska- She withstood the most vicious, malicious, slanderous, libeling, misrepresentative, fallacious, unfounded, fraudulent, bogus, counterfactual, concocted, dishonest, misleading, mean, nasty, unamerican, cooked-up, made-up, scheming, satanically-inspired, gutter-rat, asinine, and deceitful personal attacks ever recorded or perpetrated on another human being in the history of this country. She did this with a level of grace, bravery, honesty, benevolence, compassion, and beauty that exceeds that of every other candidate, and "serving" congressperson, combined. I see her as only person that I could, or would, vote for to occupy the Oval Office and serve as Commander-in-Chief. She represents all the best of the female gender.

Letter to Con-man Obama

Well, you actually pulled it off!! You played your con on the very people who had no prior knowledge of the type and style of horsecrap you were shoveling, the 18 to 25 year old idealistic youth. I used to be one of those in my younger days, the 60's. We railed against Vietnam, for civil rights for all, against senseless violence perpetrated against the American citizenry, and any other issue someone could adequately espouse. Age and knowledge have born the fruit of wisdom. I would bet that you have never read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America, and this from a Harvard graduated lawyer. From the information I have been able to gleen, Harvard is nothing more than a liberal, socialist, communist brainwashing factory, spitting out you idiots without a proper education.
During the last election cycle, I did everything I could to engage, inform, and educate as many people as I could. What I discovered shook me to my core: Your personal charisma permeated people so much that they stopped thinking about anything except the propaganda, misinformation, and generalities you hypnotized them with. Just look at the perfect example: the womem of "The View". I seriously thought Whoopi, Joy, and Barbara were going to rip their clothes off and rape you right on stage. Almost reminded me of the girls who adored The Beatles. It sickened me!
You do not even deserve to be addressed as "sir" or "Mr.". You will never be my president. You are nothing more than a second-rate, scamming, flim-flam con man. You are not even in the same league as Madoff, and you are not worthy of kneeling and bowing before Mrs. Sarah Palin, begging to lick the toe jam from between her toes. That socialist/communist bitch Pelosi, with the likewise bastard Reid, the faggot Frank, tax cheating liar Rangel, and the-scummiest-of-you-all Dodd are manipulating you like a 3rd rate puppeteer. You are nothing more than a slick-talking, charismatic front man, trying to "sell" the American people an old, broken-down car as if it was a "NEW" model, trying to run interference, distracting, misdirecting attention, obfuscating the truth about the "REAL" agenda that is currently being executed by the far-left, socialist, communist democrat Congress. They are all trying to SEIZE control of this country. After they CAUSED the financial meltdown, they are now in the process of seizing control of the CORE of the economic enging: BANK AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS!!!!
No one will be able to conduct any business without the "Ruling" democrat communists dictating the terms by which the business will be FORCED to conduct it, and with WHOM it conducts it. At the same time, they will attempt to recind to SECOND AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION, or make it next to impossible for any citizen to "legally" own or possess any gun or weapon. Once you and they accomplish this, IF you are ALLOWED to do this, there will not be any way to stop you from seizing total control of every facet of control of this country, killing or imprisonning anyone who dissents. Elections, if held at all, will be nothing more than a sham, fixed to ensure the "Ruling" communists win every election. The communist/fascist left will have completed occupation, without a battle or whimper from those whose liberty was lost forever. Democracy will die and the people of the LATE, GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will have been conquered from within, just as was prophesied. All will be required to take "the Number of Man" (your government-issued business- conducting/authorizing number), all countries will turn against the State of Israel, and the end of this existance will be upon us all. May God help and be with us all.