Friday, March 20, 2009

American Patriot Hall of Fame

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska- She withstood the most vicious, malicious, slanderous, libeling, misrepresentative, fallacious, unfounded, fraudulent, bogus, counterfactual, concocted, dishonest, misleading, mean, nasty, unamerican, cooked-up, made-up, scheming, satanically-inspired, gutter-rat, asinine, and deceitful personal attacks ever recorded or perpetrated on another human being in the history of this country. She did this with a level of grace, bravery, honesty, benevolence, compassion, and beauty that exceeds that of every other candidate, and "serving" congressperson, combined. I see her as only person that I could, or would, vote for to occupy the Oval Office and serve as Commander-in-Chief. She represents all the best of the female gender.

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